The Annual MIPLC Alumni Conference

The MIPLC initiated the annual Alumni Conference to make use of the competences of the Alumni Network, both for the advancement of IP and competition law, as well as for the benefit of the Network's members. Since the first conference in 2012, MIPLC graduates from all over the world have been returning to Munich to share their experiences, discuss cutting-edge IP topics, meet old friends, and enlarge their professional networks. Both the conference and the dinner party offer ample opportunity for these activities.

7th Annual MIPLC Alumni Conference

On February 23, 2019, the 7th Annual MIPLC Alumni Conference on Intellectual Property and Competition Law will take place, jointly organized by the MIPLC and "Friends of the MIPLC e.V.".

Ten speakers from ten nations and five MIPLC classes will share their research results and experience in IP, competition law, and related fields. For details, please refer to the conference program and the speaker profiles and abstracts.

The conference is open to the greater MIPLC community, including alumni, students, faculty, the different boards, internship sponsors, employers, members of "Friends of the MIPLC e.V.", and other benefactors. These groups have received an invitation with a link to the registration page. If you do not belong to one of these groups but would like to attend the conference, you may do so by joining "Friends of the MIPLC e.V."

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring the MIPLC Alumni Conference is an excellent way to increase your firm's visibility with a circle of leading professionals and stakeholders in the field of IP from all around the world. The various options we offer are presented in our sponsorship brochure.

Sponsors and Supporters

We are grateful to the following persons and institutions for generously supporting this event: 


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Past Conferences

The programs and picture galleries of the previous conferences are available below. Please click on the pictures.

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